The Book Blogger TMI Tag

I found these questions on a list of book blogger tags and I thought that since this is a new blog that I would answer them and give you a chance to get to know me better. I wont be tagging anyone specific in it because I want everyone to be free to copy it and link it so we can all get to know each other.

How old are you?

Twenty-five. I’m a whole quarter of a century year old, and that makes me feel ancient.

What book are you reading?

Right now I am reading Cress by Marissa Meyer. Like I said in my last review, I am completely hooked on the series.

What are you wearing?

Jeans, red converse trainers that have gold wings attached to them and a black X-men t-shirt. Most of the time I am wearing jeans and some sort of dorky shirt.

OTP? (One True Pairing, for those who don’t know.)

Oh I am such a shipper. I could write a list. When it comes to book characters I like Wolf and Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles, and I also love Tonks and Lupin from the Harry Potter series.

Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress, because it is easier to use.

Going outside being active or staying in and reading a book?

Staying in and reading, though I wouldnt say no to reading outside if the weather was nice enough.

What is the last book you read?

It was Scarlet, the second book in the Lunar Chronicles series.

What is the book you’re going to read next?

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. I pre-ordered it a few days ago so I am just waiting for it to be released.

Ebooks – yes or no?

Yes, but I prefer the smell and texture of real books. Ebooks are easier to carry around, they dont wrinkle and it lets me have a library in my bag.

Where do you prefer to read?

I usually read on my bed or at my desk at work. I’m productive like that.

Who is the last person you tweeted?

I cant remember. I think it was a discussion about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Whose blog did you look at last?

I dont know. I was randomly blog browsing so I didnt take down any names.

Who is your favorite blogger?

I’m new to book blogging so I dont have a favourite, yet.

Who is your favorite book-tuber?

Christine aka polandbannanasbooks . I am a Youtube junkie so I watch a lot of other book-tubers as well.

What do you do when someone tells you reading is boring?

I would nag them and throw books at them until they started reading. My boyfriend was like that before I convinced him to read the Harry Potter series and now he actually reads instead of just coming with me to bookshops to help me reach the high shelves.

Who is the last author you spoke to?

Sheena Wilkinson. She writes teen novels about horses. I had writing lessons from her and she gave me a signed copy of her book  Taking Flight.

Who is the last person you texted?

My boyfriend, and he was asking me about boiled eggs just in case you are curious.

Who is your all-time favorite book character?

I have so many! It would be impossible for me to pick just one.


I want to say UKYA because I live in the UK but I read more USYA but that is mainly because there are more writers from the US who write YA fiction.

What is your preferred drink whilst reading?

Coke. It’s the only thing I drink at home.

If you hated reading, what would you be doing instead?

I cant even picture that alternate universe. Reading saved me from the rough area I lived in when I was younger so I would probably have been in more trouble growing up and I wouldn’t have went to university or have the job I have now.

How many bookshelves / bookcases do you have?

I have 7 bookcases, and 6 of them are full.

If you had the choice to meet all of your favorite book bloggers or all of your favorite authors, which would you pick? You can only pick one.

Well I dont have any favourite book bloggers so of course I am going to pick authors. I would want to meet JK Rowling, not just because the Harry Potter series is brilliant but because all of the other authors I want to meet are dead.

Insta-love: yes or no?

No, but I think you can develop an instant crush on someone. Silly people usually mistake that for love.

Favorite author?

JK Rowling, Roald Dahl, Marissa Meyer, Susan Collins, Rick Riordan and many many more.

What is the number-one book on your wishlist?

Right now I want a complete hardcover set of the Lunar Chronicles because the covers are gorgeous and I love them.

Do you prefer books with female or male protagonists?

I really dont have a preference. The gender of a character really doesnt matter to me at all, though I do love my badass ladies.

Which is your favourite book-to-film adaption?

I’m going to pick an old children’s movie for this one and say Matilda. The book is brilliant but the movie just added things to it that made it so much better.

What is the last song you listened to?

I really cant remember what I last listened to. …I think it was the Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack.

Which do you enjoy reading more – negative reviews or positive reviews?

I enjoy reading them both equally. Even if they don’t agree with my point of view on the book it is still interesting to hear someone else’s point of view on things.

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