It Has Finally Arrived!

My copy City of Heavenly Fire arrived in the post this morning!

I know that this book was out two days ago but Waterstones, the main book retailer in the UK, decided not to ship any of the preordered books until the release day itself. This completely misses the point of preordering. When I preorder something it is because I want to have it the day it comes out. It isnt difficult, I preordered many of the Harry Potter books when they were first released and they all arrived at my house on the day of release. Waterstones needs to get their act together and stop shipping books on release days. I suppose it could have been worse, the email I received to tell me about the book being ship estimated that it would take 10 days.

cityThere was an upside to the delay though, it gave me time to finish Cress. I should have a review for that up at some point if I’m not too distracted with reading City of Heavenly Fire.

I bought a paperback copy because all of my other copies of the Mortal Instruments books are paperback and I wanted it to match the rest of the collection. There was only one problem with that plan, the book is so bloody big! I get that there is probably a lot going on in the book but it is massive compared to the rest of the series. I wouldnt mind if it was a lot thicker but being so tall is going to make it a nightmare to fit on my bookcase with the others. They did the same thing with the Infernal Devices series as well. Clockwork Princess was huge.

I cant wait to get stuck into this book and I plan on starting it today. Hopefully I will work my way through it pretty quickly because I have spend the last two days trying to avoid spoilers on Goodreads.

Also I just discovered that there is a pull out art page at the back of the book. I would take a picture of it but it would ruin the surprise for you.

Has anyone else got a copy of City of Heavenly Fire?


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