Comic-Con, The Polaris Whisper and Meeting Kenneth Gregory


It is c18298164onvention season so I have had little time to think up and write any blog posts lately. So in case anyone is wondering if I have disappeared or not, I haven’t. I have either been at conventions, working on things for conventions or recovering from conventions because they are very tiring things. I went to Comic-Con Belfast last weekend and I am still tired from it, no matter how many naps I take.


Even though Comic-con is usually about comics and other geeky things there was a surprising amount of book related things at it, especially at the artist’s alley. That is my one tip for bookworms at conventions, you wont find bookish things at the main stalls, look for the artist’s alley where they have people selling their own crafts and art work. Artists can sometimes sell cute bookmarks and sometimes you can get book related jewelry from craft sellers. Just make sure you have a good look around. I will have to write a post on all of things I bought.

One of my high points of Comic-Con was meeting the writer Kenneth Gregory. I honestly hadn’t heard of him before Comic-Con but he was there promoting his first novel. He was funny and brilliant to talk to so I just had to buy a copy of his book. It was hard to say no when he was so nice.

2014-06-13 00.32.27It’s a historical fantasy series, similar to the likes of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, but it is set in Ireland in the 9th century. Apparently all of the events that happen in the book are historical fact but he has added a fantasy twist to everything. I love fantasy and I am a bit of a history nerd so I had to have a copy.  I promised him that I would take a look at it. After our chat he even signed my copy for me and gave me his email address. I promised him that I would let him know what I thought of the book when I am finished it, so I guess I will be reading it once I am finished City of Heavenly Fire, which is also taking longer to read than expected due to convention madness.


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