Miss McKeown’s Emporium of Fine Tea

web_PlasticJar_3_1024x1024I know this is a book blog but personally I enjoy a cup of tea with a good book so I thought I would share this little company  for my fellow tea lovers to take a look at. btAnCdRSRBWGlnXQl2cm_Teabags_ps_1024x1024It is called Miss McKeown’s Emporium of Fine Tea. I discovered them at a convention this weekend where they had a Victorian themed stall selling tea bags and vintage jars of tea. All of their blends smell delicious and I had problems narrowing my choice down to one jar of tea. I ended up settling on “Mint Humbug” which is a tea that both smells and tastes exactly like humbug sweets. I think I have found Dumbledore’s favourite tea. Sadly Mint web_sugarStick_1024x1024Humbug is yet to be released on their website. I bought the only jar they had available but the woman who ran the stall told me that they will have more in stock. Not only do they sell tea but also sugar sticks, tea pots, tea strainers and other tea related bits and pieces. Miss McKeown’s Emporium of Fine Tea is also a charitable organisation. For every 2.5 grams of tea you buy they donate a cup of tea to the less fortunate. They are currently working on organizing bulk shipments of tea to some of the UK’s largest food banks. So you can help change the world one cup of tea at a time. You can find their website here: http://www.missmckeowns.com/ And I think I will be placing an order for a set of sugar sticks soon…

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