Book Recommendations?

I have been feeling like I am stuck in a bit of a reading rut lately. After being slightly burned by Divergent I have been a little put off reading any YA books that are about a girl who is some kind of special snowflake or “chosen one”. I’m also tired of love triangles and male love interests who are annoying but are somehow irresistible. Dont get me wrong, some of my favourite books have this kind of set up, and it can be brilliantly done, but it feels like every YA book is like this now-a-days and sadly my to-read list is full of this kind of book. I will get around to reading them when I am more in the mood for them but right now I am looking for something different.

Does anyone have any book recommendations? It doesn’t matter if it isn’t a YA book because I read books from all age brackets. I think the ideal book would be something a little dark, historical (preferably 19th century because that is my favourite century) and creepy. I will happily look into any suggested books that don’t fit into that criteria though. Just help me get out of my rut.

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