NEWS: Cinder, The Movie?



Marissa Meyer, the writer of the Lunar Chronicles, has sold the rights to the series to allow it to be made into films. The studio that she is in talks with is currently being kept secret but it has been announced that she is currently trying to find a director for the first movie, Cinder.

Books to film adaptations can go horribly wrong but I am still excited to see this series on the big screen.

I will try to keep you posted on any new updates.

Are you excited for this like I am? The cast  hasn’t been chosen yet, but if you could have your say what would your dream cast be for The Lunar Chronicles?


2 comments on “NEWS: Cinder, The Movie?

  1. sgarcia says:

    Anna Sofia Robb should play Cress, and Sam Claflin should play Carswell Thorne. Scarlett Johansson should play Levana. Daisy Ridley could play Cinder.

  2. Mary Shoumaker says:

    Hi Marissa…Cinder is not a movie yet? My niece and I have read all your books and are eagerly waiting for a movie!

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