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bookoflostthingsLike Cinder, The Book of Lost Things is a fairy tale retelling with a twist.

After the death of his mother, David is left angry and alone with only books for company. He then ends up being propelled into a world that is different from our own, filled with fantasy creatures, knights and a dark king who keeps his secrets in a book known as The Book of Lost Things.

I feel like more people need to read this book as it is a bit of a gem.


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The_House_of_SilkIt would have been a little obvious if I picked the original Sherlock Holmes books for this one so I went with the newest official Sherlock Holmes novel that was released in 2011 and written by Anthony Horowitz. Even though it was released over 100 years after the other novels The House of Silk has been approved by the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate as a canon Sherlock novel.

If you ever wanted to know what happened to the world’s greatest detective and his companion in their later years I would check out this novel. It’s brilliantly written and it even explains why Watson waited over 100 years for this case to be released to the public. I love Sherlock Holmes and this would probably be my favourite novel.


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Try This…


I cant say the main reason why I am recommending Carrie to those who like The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer because I don’t want to give any spoilers.

If you don’t know the very well known plot of Carrie, it is about a troubled teenage girl who discovers that she has telekinetic powers. Bullied by kids at school and tormented by her overly religious mother Carrie tries her best to fit in. Surely her efforts to fit in will pay off at the senior prom, right?


I really enjoyed writing this post. I might make it a regular thing, or at least do one of these again when I find more books that are similar to each other, really I just wanted an excuse to trying to convince more people to read The Book of Lost Things and House of Silk. This post is also a submission to the “Like This, Try This” challenge being held by Writing My Own Fairy Tale .

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