Liebester Award Nomination

I have never been tagged or nominated for anything on this blog before, so when I got word that I was nominated to do the Liebester Award by Zoe at So Many Words I thought it was spam or some sort of virus link thing. I googled it before I clicked the link and found out that it was real. So thank you Zoe!

The Liebester Award is an award tag for blogs with less than 200 followers and I’m more than happy to give the tag a go.

The Rules are:

Link and thank the blogger who nominated you

Answer the 11 questions the nominator gives you

Tag 11 other bloggers who have 200 followers or less

Ask the 11 nominated bloggers 11 questions and tell them you’ve nominated them.

Zoe’s Questions:

1. What is your favorite genre of book?

I read pretty much every genre of book but I would say that my favourite genres would be fantasy, dystopian and horror. It is hard to pick just one between those three. My least favourite genre would be romance, I find it boring.

2. What do you do to get out of a reading slump?

My reading slumps are usually caused by reading a bad book so they can take a lot of work to get out of. I find that rereading a book that I love can help rekindle my passion for books. Watching videos from Booktubers on youtube and browsing through Goodreads can also help.

3. When did you really start reading? What book made you want to read?

I have been reading since I was 3 years old and I have always loved books. The area I grew up in was very poor and torn apart by political violence so my parents couldn’t let me go outside to play and they didn’t want me wasting away in front of the television. My mother started teaching me to read as toddler to give her something to do and eventually she started taking me to the library once a week where I would check out piles of books. The first “series” I read were the works of Doctor Seuss, which I finished by the time I was 4. Books have been my life for as long as I can remember.

4. Do you have any book pet peeves? Are they about the physical book or the plot and what are they?

I have lots of pet peeves. I will answer this one in a list:

  • When the final physical book of a series doesn’t match the rest of the books. Cassandra Clare is the worst for this. Why did Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire have to be so much taller than the other books? They dont even fit on the shelf with the other books!
  • Pointless chapters. This is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of a lot of Stephen King’s books and prefer to watch film adaptations of them. The last book of his that I read was Doctor Sleep. The main character was an alcoholic and the book contained dozens of chapters of his AA meetings. They added nothing to the story or the character. It also meant that the scary parts were few and very far between. I’m pretty sure I have read other books by King that have chapters of a character just sitting drinking coffee and nothing else.
  • Forced romantic subplots.
  • Flat characters who have no development or personality.
  • Characters who start off brilliantly but they plateau development wise so eventually you end up getting bored of them.

I will probably think of a lot more pet peeves later but I think I will leave it for now.

5. Do you agree with having sex or drugs in young adult books?

Yes I do. I think literature can been a good teaching tool for young people and having sex or drugs in a story-line could teach them about those issues.

6. What are some books do you think everyone should read, classic or not?

  • The Lunar Chronicles.
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
  • Watership Down.
  • The Book of Lost Things (It needs more love)
  • The Harry Potter Series
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes + The House of Silk

7. What is one book you DON’T want to turn into a movie and why?

It has already been made and it is the second part of Mockingjay. I love the Hunger Games series and they did a pretty good job at adapting the first two books into film, I just don’t think Mockingjay needs to be in two parts. The book of Mockingjay isn’t longer than the first two and I don’t think it should be cut in half. To me it just screams of the film makers trying to make more money out of the series. It could be done in one film in my opinion.

8. If you could change one thing about the way literature is taught in schools, what would it be?

I was rather lucky when it came to literature being taught in school. The school I went to had 3 large libraries, we had library classes, we had designated reading time, there were book sales, reading challenges and lots of other things to encourage us to read. In fact you were seen as a bit of an idiot by the students in my school if you didn’t enjoy reading at least one book. I know that isn’t the case for every school, especially ones in America. I think schools should be a little more like the one I went to so more young people are encouraged to read and find books they enjoy. Also schools should ban less books. I’ve never heard of it happening here but I have heard of it happening in American schools.

9. What was your favorite childhood book?

My favourite childhood book was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which I read when I was 9. The Goosebumps series was also one of my favourites that I couldn’t get enough of.

10. Do you ever donate your books or do you keep all of them?

I try my best to keep all of my books but once in a blue moon I will donate books that I don’t particularly like  or want to keep in order to make space for more books that I do like.

11. Do you write in your books or do anything that would harm them? Why or why not?

NEVER. The only writing I have in some of my books are signatures from the authors. I don’t like writing in my books simply because I think it ruins them.

I am going to break the rules when it comes to tagging because every blog that I follow either has over 200 followers or has already done this tag. I am only going to tag one blog and that is  Otakutwins Reviews .

 My Questions

  1. What made you start book blogging?
  2. Have you ever been to a book related location? (E.g film sets, countries)
  3. Who is your favourite author? And why?
  4. Do you write? And if so what sort of things do you write?
  5. What is your favourite thing about book blogging?
  6. Where do you buy your books? Do you get them secondhand, new from the book shop or online?
  7. Do you have an ereader?
  8. Have you ever bought a book simply for the cover? And if so, what book?
  9. Are there any books that you own multiple copies of?
  10. Where is your favourite place to read? And why?
  11. Who encouraged you to read and love of reading?

3 thoughts on “Liebester Award Nomination”

    1. Thank you, and I live in Northern Ireland in the UK. Not every school in the UK is like that but a lot of them are.

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