Bookish Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a month away and you if you are like me you like to do most of your Christmas shopping online so you need to get your things ordered early before all of the Christmas post craziness sets in. I thought I would share a few websites that are brilliant for book related gifts, whether they be for someone you love or a present for yourself, you will probably find something on these sites.

1. The Literary Gift Company

book-stack-earringsThe Literary Gift Company is a website that is entirely dedicated to book related gifts. These range from scarves, bags and jewlery to mugs and t-shirts. I love this website but it can be a little pricey, especially if you live in the UK like I do and the postage can cost a little extra. It had some beautiful items that are definitely worth forking out the cash for. And where else are you going to find an Edgar Allan Poe cuddly toy?


2. Etsy

il_570xN.552214056_shtkA lot of you probably already know what Etsy is, but if you don’t, it is a website that people use to sell homemade items. It is a great site for custom made clothing, bookmarks and handbags.

I was surprised by the amount of book related items I found on it. You can buy scarves and skirts with book related patterns printed on them.  You can also get handbags that have been designed to look like hardback books, you can even pick what book and cover you want the bag to have. Sadly the custom made element to this site means that items are more likely to be a bit pricey and once again postage can be expensive depending on where the seller lives. I have bought items from this site before and I would say that it is worth the money.


3. Look Human

394triblk-w800h800z1-62945-true-happiness-comes-from-good-booksThis is probably one of my favourite websites at the moment. Look Human is a website that sells hundreds of t-shirts, sweaters and tank tops. It also has a range of cushions, phone covers and tablet covers.

It has general book related designs as well as specific fandom related designs. So if you are looking for a shirt with something Hunger Games, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings related on it this is where you want to go.

They are having a sale on a lot of their items at the moment and postage is set at $8 for anywhere in the world, and postage is free when you spend $50 or more.

I’m currently waiting on two sweaters from it.


4. Ebay

Time-TurnerI feel like I am stating the obvious by listing this one  but you never know what people might not have thought of. Amazon is an obvious place for books as gifts but Ebay is brilliant for fandom related bits and pieces. You can buy tons of Harry Potter merchandise, including wands, timeturners and t-shirts. I once ordered a wand from it and the seller was so detailed that the package even told me what house elf packed my wand for me. You can also buy mockingjay pins and clockwork angel necklaces.

It is also great for cheap gifts and socking fillers for those friends you don’t want to spend a lot of money on. (Don’t lie to yourself, everyone has a friend like that)

I feel like it is a little silly to give a link to ebay but I’m going to do it anyway: http://www.ebay.co.uk/

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