Want to Smell Like a Library?

Paperback-LOF-Hero-_2_1024x1024I know my last post was about book related items and it is probably a little late for you to be ordering anything for Christmas but I just had to share this little gem I found with everyone.

I LOVE the smell of old books, I love the smell of new books, actually I just love the smell of books in general, and I was over the moon when I found this book scented perfume by The Library of Fragrance. It smells exactly like a secondhand bookshop. It is gorgeous.

Sadly The Library of Fragrance only ships to people living in the UK at the moment. It costs around £18 per bottle of perfume and that includes the postage costs. If you want to check it out see the link below. So far everything I have ordered from them smells exactly like it says on the bottle, and their range even includes strange scents like pizza and leather.

So if you want to smell like a book or pizza or marshmallows and live in the UK you should check this out.



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