Book Adventure: My Valentine’s Day at Castle Winterfell

10171170_10155181438950532_4735114346368605901_nThis Valentine’s Day I was lucky enough to get one of the final spots at the Game of Thrones Valentine’s Day event at Castle Ward in Northern Ireland. If you don’t know, Castle Ward is one of the filming locations used for Castle Winterfell in the television show.

I know Game of Thrones isn’t exactly romantic, and usually anything close to romance in it gets killed off, but we fancied something different this year, so we decided to go fire arrows and play with swords instead. And yes, in true Game of Thrones fashion we both died. I was beheaded and he died in a sword fight, so congratulations, you are reading a post from a ghost, and I’m writing pretty well for someone without a head.

Before we died we were dressed in authentic Northern clothing, which was much appreciated as it was freezing cold and I am a genius who decided to wear a t-shirt to Winterfell in February. Since we were the only two people in our time slot (They usually cater for larger groups) we were allowed to try on The Hound’s real helmet from the show as well as play with prop swords, like the one used for Needle. We were then taken out to the courtyard and given archery lessons by a rather elderly Jon Snow, who was also the trainer who taught the actors of the Stark children archery.

It was a brilliant afternoon, the staff were lovely and even though I died I had a brilliant time. If any of you are in Ireland and a fan of either the Song of Ice and Fire book series or the Game of Thrones tv show I would highly recommend it.

If you want to check out their website click here.

I have quite a few book related adventures, like visiting the set of Harry Potter or running around Baker Street, which I plan on doing again this year. Would you like me to share more of them? If so let me know in the comments.


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