REVIEW (Upcoming Release): Tree of Ages by Sara C. Roethle


From GoodReads.com:

“”The seasons are changing. The lines are faltering, undoing the old and bringing life to the new. Trees will fall, and changed earth will be left in their place. A storm is coming.”

Finn doesn’t remember much about her previous life, and in a world that has been changed by the wars of the Tuatha De, where trust is hard to come by, answers are even more difficult to find. Little does she know, an unknown evil tugs on the strings of fate, and the answers she so desperately seeks may be more important than she could have ever imagined.”


First of all I want to say a big thank you to the author Sara C Roethle for sending me an advanced reader’s copy of this book. It was my first time recieving an advanced reader’s copy of anything and I am super glad that she did because I absolutely loved this book (And I’m not just saying that because she gave it to me). I will probably rush to buy a hard copy of this book when it is released on the 31st of March.

This is the first book in the young adult Finn Fantasy series. The first book will be out on the 31st of March, like I said above, and the second book in the series is scheduled for the Autumn.

This series is set in a world based around Celtic mythology and folklore, so it has tons of fairies and other creatures running around in it. I’m Irish so once I recognised the use of Irish words and folklore in it I just fell in love. I have been hunting for a good book based on celtic folklore for a while now so this book has made me rather happy. Also it has proper fairies in it. Not the sparkly nice kind, but the ones that will kidnap you and generally mess with people.

The main character Finn is a well written and strong female lead. She used to be a tree, which is pretty unique, so you get to see her grow as she adapts to the human world and learns about life in a human body.

The only real flaw I can see in this book is that some people might have problems pronouncing some of the names used in it, but they can be still sounded out. I think, I’m trying to see it from a non-Irish person perspective. It is still easy to read and fast paced though. I also wish I had the second book already because I need to know what happens.

You should check this book out for yourself on the 31st and if you want read more about it on GoodReads click here.


I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on GoodReads.com. If you are interested in Celtic mythology, fairies and action packed fantasy novels with a female lead I would highly recommend you give this book a go when it comes out.

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