POLL: Help! What Should I Read Next?

I have never done a post like this before and I have never done a poll before so this should be interesting. Basically I have a tiny first world problem, I have downloaded too many ebooks and I have no idea what book I should read next so I have decided to ask the bloggiverse to pick for me. Cast your vote on what I should read next. I have managed to narrow the list down to five and I will review whatever book wins.

6 thoughts on “POLL: Help! What Should I Read Next?”

  1. This is my current problem with my new kindle, I went a bit overboard downloading titles and now I’ve got a backlog that’ll last me years. I feel your pain :’) I’ve followed, I’m a writer myself, and if you have the time I’d love for you to check out my small blog. Atm its mainly short stories and a bit of poetry, but I’m working on a novel (Prologue is on my blog). Feel free to check it out on http://www.kasimskorner.com , keep blogging and have a good day 🙂

    1. Someone feels my pain! I don’t think my to-read list will ever properly go down because I keep buying, downloading or wanting new books before I have even cleared out my current to-read pile. I think there is around 60 books on it right now.
      I followed your blog and checked out the prologue of your novel. I loved it. The writing was very visual and the whole thing was action packed and unique. I would love to read the rest of it and follow your progress. I love supporting fellow writers 🙂 The only problem I found was a few grammatical errors but that isn’t a big deal.
      Keep writing 🙂

      1. Just got the Bartimeus sequence, so now everything’s even further back in the pile… Today’s going to be a writing day anyway :’) I’m glad you liked the prologue, don’t worry the grammar mistakes will be fixed as soon as the first draft is sorted out. I have the first draft of Chapter 1 available to my mailing list, if you’re interested 🙂 the novel itself is honestly writing itself, it’ll be incredible to see the finished result.

      2. I have a bad habit of prioritising books I have recently added to my list rather than trying to read books that have been sitting on the list for over a year. Some books are probably going to be there forever. Today is a writing day for me as well but I might read one short story from Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book.
        Novels tend to write themselves and take on a bit of a life of their own once you get going properly. Enjoy it because it is one of the best things about writing. You can watch it grow on its own. I will sign up to your mailing list so I can track your progress. I’m more than happy to provide some support. New writers need it.

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