MOVIE NEWS: Ready Player One the Movie



ready_player_one_magnumIf you have been following my blog for a while you might remember that I mentioned there was a film of Ready Player One in the process of being made, well, now it has a release date.

Director Steven Spielberg announced yesterday that the film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s best selling novel has been scheduled for release on December 15 2017. The date is pretty far off and there has been no word on the casting choices yet but now we know it is officially being made.

Ready Player One is set in the not too far off future of 2044, where the world has turned into a futuristic version of the 1980’s. The novel follows the teenage gamer Wade Watts as he works his way through the virtual online world known as OASIS that promises fame and fortune to whoever completes the hidden puzzles in the game. When Wade solves the first of the hidden puzzles in the game, he find himself set upon by other gamers who are willing to kill to claim the ultimate prize.

When I read the novel last year I thought it was seriously lacking in some ways. You can check out my full review here. I am looking forward to seeing the film though. One of my main problems with the novel was that it was very visual and the writing style was not descriptive enough to do the story justice, so I think it would work better as a film than a book. Of course that is if they don’t butcher it. But I am going to keep my fingers crossed because it could turn out brilliantly if done well.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ready Player One on screen? Feel free to let me know. Watch this space for more Ready Player One news.

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