Weird Writing Habits

fc049a87f0afb33f2eac2c2a7502ea58I have been doing a lot of writing lately and I thought of a topic that I don’t think gets talked about enough: weird writing habits. I don’t mean odd things that repeat in your writing but strange rituals and habits that writers have before or during writing.

I decided to share some of mine, because personally I can be a bit of a diva when it comes to settling down to write, so here we go:

  1. Fountain Pens: I cannot write with a ballpoint. I think they put too much pressure on my hand and they stick more than fountain pens and I think the pen stopping also stops my thoughts. I am well aware that that belief is crazy nonsense.
  2. Drinks: Like a lot of people I enjoy the occasional fizzy drink but during writing anything fizzy is BANNED. I think the bloated feeling that comes with drinking those drinks distracts me from writing. I will only drink tea, usually green or rose tea.
  3. The Thinking Hat: This habit is one that only happens during bad writing days. I think hats cure writing problems, and not just any hats but silly hats, the sillier the better. My usual go-to writing hat is my rather large Cat in the Hat hat, but I am also turn to my trusty top hat or a fez if the mood takes me. All of those hats earn me rather funny looks when people come into my room, but I don’t care.
  4. My Hair: I don’t know if this is the case for other people who write and have long hair, but I cant write while my hair is touching my neck. I have to tie it up to make my brain work properly. It makes me feel like Violet Baudelaire. I guess writing is sort of like inventing things.

Well those are four of my strange writing habits. If you write feel free to share some of your odd habits below so I feel slightly less mad.

3 thoughts on “Weird Writing Habits”

  1. BRILLIANT 🙂 looking at these I recognized myself in so many things!!! I just started my blog last month if you’d like to visit I’d sure like to know what you think 🙂 if you write brilliant posts you’ll probably have brilliant suggestions!
    secretallyweb.wordpress.com 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am glad I am not the only one with weird writing habits. I will have a look at your blog. I’m always more than happy to help new bloggers 🙂

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