Bout of Books Day 4 Progress

BoB15-200x200Only 3 days left of the reading challenge. It is going by too quickly and I keep doing silly things like summoning people to eat Japanese food with me in the evenings. Ah well, some reading is better than none I suppose, and lets face it, I’m not going to regret my evening of katsu ramen and octopus.

I read 162 pages on day 4.

My progress so far: 

  • Locke and Key volume 1 by Joe Hill (43 pages read)
  • Night Film by Marisha Pessl (340 pages read)
  • Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (305 pages read)

I have decided to remove The Bone Season and A Darker Shade of Magic from my target list because I am not going to finish those books by the time this challenge is over.

Note to self: Do not read 4 rather large books in one week unless you own a time machine. 

I will get around to writing a proper post that does not involve Bout of Books shortly, I promise.

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