15 Bookish Facts About Me

Since it is a new year and since I have been rather horrible at writing posts lately I thought I would break my silence with a list of 15 bookish facts about me because I think we could all get to know each other a little better. Feel free to share any facts about yourself below or write a post of your own because I would love to read them.

1. I am from Belfast in Northern Ireland, the same town as CS Lewis. My university had a reading room dedicated to him that you had to pass through a wardrobe to get through.

2. I collect any books by Lewis Carroll, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe, and some of the books I own by those authors are over 100 years old. They are all kept tucked away from sunlight in a special part of my bedroom.

3. I am currently on a very long book buying ban. I am only allowed to buy a book if I want it desperately, it is a cheaper secondhand copy and I cannot find it in the library.

4. The vast majority of the books in my collection are from secondhand bookshops. Buying new books for myself is saved as a treat or for a new release that I will not be able to find anywhere secondhand yet. I could easily afford to buy myself new books all the time but I don’t see the point in spending £8-£12 on a book when I could get it for £1-£5.

5. I don’t really care about the condition my books are in. I take the dust jackets off books while I am reading them but other than that I don’t really care. I see battered books as loved books. When it comes to paperbacks that I have read multiple times that have broken spines, bent pages or covers slightly grubby from being carried around in my bag all the time I just think about how much I love that book. I dont see the point in having a library of books that dont look like they have been read at all.

6. When I go flat out I can read 1,365 words per minute, but most of the time it takes me 2-3 days to finish the average novel because I want to sit and enjoy it instead of speed reading all the time.

7. I read both proper books and ebooks. I love the experience of reading a proper book but ebooks are a bit cheaper and more portable, especially if the book you are reading is huge and you don’t feel like carrying around the massive real life version of it. Also you can pick up most classic novels for free in ebook form.

8. My reading new years resolution for 2016 is to read 75 books and to read as many classic novels as possible. Suggestions are very welcome.

9. I write. I have taken multiple writing classes, I have won poetry awards and I am a published journalist. I have even written advertising campaigns for several charities and government organisations. Right now I am mostly focused on short story writing.

10. I read a lot of graphic novels and manga. I am very much a Marvel comics girl and right now I am a bit addicted to Amazing Spiderman even though X-men is my favourite Marvel series. My favourite manga is Black Butler.

11. My current favourite living author is Neil Gaiman. His writing never lets me down. If you havent checked him out yet you really should.

12. Normally I am reading three books at once. I have an audiobook to listen to while I am working, a regular book to read during my lunch break or when I am out and about, and a big book, which is a book that is too large or too delicate to carry around so I only read it at home, this is normally a graphic novel.

13. I have five bookcases in my bedroom at the moment but I am in the process of buying a house big enough for a personal library and writing area, hence the book buying ban I mentioned earlier.

14. I don’t really have a favourite genre to read, I will read anything within reason, but if I had to pick it would be between horror, thriller or fantasy.

15. I am yet to find a horror novel that frightens me.  I am not easily frightened so I am on the constant hunt to find something that will do the job. So please give me suggestions. Frighten me!

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