What Did I Do?! (Explaining the blog identity change)

Long story short: I have taken traditional book blogging and thrown it out of the nearest window. Welcome to Crack Your Spines! 

I wrote a post back in April explaining that my lack of book blogging has been caused by a dislike of the book blogging world. The majority of the book blogging world hoards books that have to be in perfect condition, they dislike scruffy secondhand books or overly loved copies of novels, and buy gorgeous copies of classics simply to own them and never actually read them. They also all read the same bloody books.  (You can read the April post here)

So I took the idea of loving your books until they are battered and gave my blog a bit of an update and identity change. I am also going to only read books that I love, not just ones that are fashionable. If you have been following me for a while you will know that I love dark and scary books, which is another reason for the name change. Horror, thriller, crime or just plain dark novels, no matter what the age range is, I will read it on here. I am open to recommendations.

So welcome to the new and improved blog. Feel free to give any feedback, recommendations or suggestions.

And remember…A battered book is a loved book. 

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