Top 3 Holiday Reads 2016

It is the holiday season and that means it is time to get in the mood for some winter-y and Christmas themed books. I know this blog now focuses on horror and darkly themed novels but those things can still be Christmas-y. In fact, the Victorians had a tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas parties.

So here are my 3 book recommendations for the holidays. Sadly these are all books with adult themes. I need to work on finding some dark books for younger readers. (Recommendations please!)

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

17202851A woman with a special talent for finding things goes on the hunt for a supernatural killer who has kidnapped her son. The killer, Charles Manx, likes to whisk children away to a world known as Christmasland, where they will stay forever.

This book is pretty big, with the average copy being over 600 pages, but if you want a book that will keep you busy for all of December this will do the trick. Due to the story being so long and large not all of it is Christmas themed but the chapters set in Christmasland and following the killer usually are.

Even though this is listed as a horror novel I wouldn’t say that it is overly scary. It is more action packed and more like a race against the clock type story. It has its creepy moments though and it is very dark. This has is very adult moments, with lots of violence and sexual themes throughout so if you cant handle that then maybe give this one a miss.

Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

let-me-inA young boy becomes friends with a strange girl who can only come out to play at night. Could his new friend have anything to do with the strange deaths that are happening around town?

This is more of a winter read than a Christmas one. The cold setting of the book makes it perfect reading for this time of year, especially with the longer nights. If you like your vampires bloodthirsty and dangerous, and not watching teenage girls sleep at night, this is a book you need to check out.

A bit of a warning though. This book as some mentions of pedophilia and abuse, so if you are sensitive to that sort of thing maybe read something else instead.

You can read my full review of Let The Right One In here 


City of Thieves by David Benioff

1971304Set in World War 2 during the Siege of Leningrad, City of Thieves is about two prisoners who have seen tasked with trying to find eggs for a colonel. If they succeed they gain their freedom, but if they fail it will mean death for both of them.

Don’t fancy anything reading paranormal this year? City of Thieves is the winter novel for you. This is a book that took me by surprise. It is funny, the characters are lovable and the plot isn’t overly complicated, but it still manages to have all of the darkness and git that comes with life in a war zone. World War 2 Russia is an unusual setting for a novel so it is the sort of book that gets you opening Google to learn more about the history of the area. And the chilly Russian setting makes it perfect winter reading.

Like the previous two books this is an adult novel, so it has sexual themes and bad language.

As always feel free to follow me on GoodReads and let me know below what you will be reading this winter.

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