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A Stephen King Hater Reads Stephen King: Carrie

Do I really need to explain the plot of Carrie?
A bullied and abused teenage girl with telekinesis gets invited to prom. Chaos ensues. End of plot summary.

I went easy on myself for the first book of my “I hate Stephen King” reread blog series, because I actually enjoy Carrie. I have read it before and I enjoyed it then just as much as I enjoyed it now. Carrie is King’s first book, so this is written before his tropes started becoming ridiculous and he started adding pointless scenes. It even has more than one nice character which is odd for a King book. Carrie is short and sweet, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. So you will sadly have to wait until next month for a review of a King book that actually annoyed me.

I think what I enjoyed the most about it was the writing style. Carrie isn’t your typical third or first person narration, it is made up of several sources that are reflecting back on the events during and leading up to the prom, such as interviews, biographies and scientific studies. I also found Carrie the character very relatable. I was bullied horribly as a teen, I even lived through my own version of the shower incident, so I understood her rage a little. I think anyone who is being bullied or has been bullied might understand her a little.

The only real issue I had with this book was at the end. Don’t get me wrong, the ending was amazing, but the plot starts jumping around in time as it changes perspective. It will cut back and forth between 9pm, 11pm and 1am while the events of the prom are happening. It has a brilliant effect on the story but it gets a little confusing when you are trying to keep track of where the characters are. I suppose it adds to the madness that is going on though.

If you haven’t read Carrie yet go read it. You are missing out.

Which King novel should I read next?

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