The Blogger Behind the Blog

After a bit of blog browsing I realised that I have never really written an About post for myself. I have one for this blog
but not one about me. I find that it is always nice to get to know the person behind the blog because the character behind a blog is what makes it fun to read.

So, hello, I am Bernadette, aka The Spine Cracker.

I am probably a little different from the usual book blogger. I dont mean to generalise but there is a “type” when it comes to book bloggers. I love them. They are human shaped bags of kittens who love tea and cosy sweaters. I am a little more on the dark side when it comes to aesthetic and personal tastes. I suppose my lifestyle can be described as being Halloween 24/7, which is probably why I review mostly thriller and horror novels.

I am Irish. My parents are history and paranormal junkies so I grew up being
dragged to cemeteries, historical locations and haunted spots, and in my free
time I read about cemeteries, historical locations and haunted spots. My love of reading started when I was 3 years old when my mother, a stay at home mum, started teaching to read out of boredom. We had little money for books so we would make weekly trips to the local library. It was housed in a grand Victorian building that was blown up several times during my childhood. Welcome to 80s/early 90s Belfast!

Today I am a professional digital designer with degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering. My job involves running all social media, web design and graphic design for the company I work for. I love my job because it mixes both the creative and social with the technical side of programming. I am also a short story writer who has been published in several anthologies.

When I am not reading or working, I have an interest in alternative fashion, music and general nerdy things. I am an avid comic reader, my favourite series being Marvel’s X-men. I also cosplay and love science fiction, especially Star Trek or the works of HG Wells. Favourite bands include: The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Sex Pistols, Ramones and David Bowie.

I am a bit of a social media junkie. I suppose I have an excuse since it is my job after all. So feel free to follow me on GoodReads and Instagram (@Belle_and_books)

Now that you have got to know me a little better tell me about yourself. What is the point of blogging if we all dont get to know our followers and people we follow a little better?


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