The Blogger Behind the Blog

Bernadette AKA Spine Cracker

An almost-30-something goth book blogger with a love of all things creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky and all together ooky.

I am Irish and live in Belfast Northern Ireland. And yes, I know you want to go there on holiday one day. I get that comment at least once a week somewhere online.

When I am not compulsively reading I am listening to music. I have an addiction to 80s goth bands. The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Nick Cave are my favourites. I also have a bit of an obsession with David Bowie. If you want to talk music feel free to hit me up sometime.

I am also a bit of a nerd. I play Pokemon competitively, D&D and cosplay. My favourite Pokemon is Banette, and in D&D I play a male, gay, grey (high) elf ranger who is a bit of a pretentious ass.

Professionally I am a digital designer so I spend my time designing websites, managing social media accounts and creating pretty pieces of graphic design. I love it because people don’t question my strange dress sense. I am a designer, they expect some artistic oddness.

I am a bit of a social media junkie. I suppose I have an excuse since it is my job after all. So feel free to follow me on GoodReads and Instagram (@Belle_and_books)

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