Are We In For a Scare…? (Goosebumps Revisited)

Reader beware, you’re in for some nostalgia. 

I went shopping yesterday in one of my usual secondhand bookshops for a copy of Salems Lot for my Stephen King blog series and stumbled upon a stack of old Goosebumps books. I don’t know about you but R.L Stine books made up a lot of my childhood. I read these before Harry Potter. I have always wanted to revisit this series, and since I borrowed all of my copies from the primary school library years ago I never owned my own set. Now I own a few I am itching to get stuck into these books again, and probably hunt down some more. And what sort of horror novel blogger would I be if I didn’t blog about them?

I am going to turn this into another review series. How often I will post them I haven’t decided yet. These books are extremely short and easy to read so I doubt they will take much effort to get through.

Did you read Goosebumps books as a child? Tell me your favourite!

2 thoughts on “Are We In For a Scare…? (Goosebumps Revisited)”

    1. I am happy that I have inspired you to read them again. They are not masterpieces but brilliant kids’ horror fiction.

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