My Dark Reads of the Month: April

I have always said that this is a wrap up free blog and it still is. I have been running this series on Goth Amino since January so I decided to finally bring it to my main blog. I will pick out three of the best dark reads I have read during the month and showcase them for you. I read a lot of classics and short stories that I will never give proper reviews to so this is a perfect way for me to tell you about them.

So onto the dark books I read this month:

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

This book is a series of short horror themed stories from the writer of Horns and Heart Shaped Box. I was surprised by this book.  I was expecting straight up horror but instead I had my feelings trampled on quite a bit. My favourite story in the collection was the title story 20th Century Ghost which is about a haunted cinema. I have so many feelings about that story. It was probably one of the best short stories I have read, which is saying a lot.

Red Room by HG Wells

This is a short story I picked up out of curiosity. HG Wells is typically a science fiction writer so when I found a horror story written by him it perked my interest. Wells is usually into science and fact (and aliens) how would he write a ghost story? I can say that it is exactly what I expected and an interesting view on the ghost horror genre of the 19th century. It is probably more like a satire than a ghost story. I can’t say any more without spoilers, just read it for yourself.

Red by Jack Ketchum

I only discovered the writer Jack Ketchum this month so you will probably see a few more of his horror novels in future lists because I loved Red so much that I want to read more of his work. This is a thriller novel about an old man whose dog is killed in front him by a group of teenagers. He then sets out for revenge.

I was expecting this book to be more violent than it actually was, which is saying something since some parts are really violent, but I wasn’t disappointed. It actually made the situation a lot more realistic and you end up feeling for the main character a lot.  If you are an animal lover I think this would be a thriller for you. It takes you through the ups and downs of an old man trying to get justice for his only friend.  It also isn’t a very long novel so you could get through it in a day or two. To read my full review click here. 

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