My Dream Author Panel

Imagine if you could put together your own dream author panel, a crack team of writers who you could ask anything you wanted about books and writing, well Eventbrite has a brilliant project that inspires book bloggers to write about just that.

Author panels normally have a theme and it took a bit of thinking for me to come up with mine because it was just entirely self indulgent with no overlapping theme, or at least that was the case until I noticed one. I am going to call this a Short Story Writers Panel because all of these writers have written short stories at one point or another. Now I just need lots of money and a time machine (because a lot of these writers are dead) to make it happen.

My guests would be:

Neil Gaiman

If I were to pick my favourite author in the whole world Gaiman would definetly be one of my top picks. I think I might have a tiny bit of a crush on his brilliance. It’s odd, I know. So if I were to have a writers panel he would have to be on it. I would love the chance to ask him about his ideas, The Sandman series, and discuss general strange things. I know he hates being asked where he gets his ideas from so maybe I will avoid that question.




HG Wells

This guest might be a little difficult since Wells is dead.

I have only discovered the wonders that is the work of HG Wells in the last year. His writing is amazing to the point of impossible. I would love to ask him how he thought up the ideas for his stories, especially War of the Worlds since the technology featured in that story had never been heard of before he wrote about it. He thought of up possible space travel in the 19th century and invented the alien invasion story genre. If you like alien films, you probably have Wells to thank for it.

Oscar Wilde

I dont think any panel would be complete without Oscar Wilde.

His wit and intelligence would make him the perfect addition to any writers panel. He would generally just be a fun guest and would probably have lots of brilliant commentary on the 21st century if I managed to bring him to this time period.




Joe Hill

The writer of Horns, 20th Century Ghosts, Heartshaped Box, and like everyone on this list, one of my favourite authors.

Joe Hill and Neil Gaiman both write graphic novels so I think they would work well together on a panel. I am a horror short story writer myself so I would like to ask lots of questions of Hill about how he writes his stories because I love his writing style. It is always straight to the point but emotional at the same time. He also just seems like a generally fun guy.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If Doyle wasnt on my panel something would be wrong. This is also a little cruel because I would want to bring Doyle to the 21st century just to annoy him. I want him to know that he is famous for the one series that he hated and tried to destroy. When he is done being grumpy about that, I will ask him about writing serialised shorts because that old format of story writing really interests me. Bring back the Penny Dreadful I say!



My fantasy panel would take place in London. When the panel is over I would go get some absinthe with Oscar Wilde because we are both absinthe drinkers, take HG Wells to the science and technology museum and maybe drop Sir Arthur Conan Doyle off at the Sherlock Holmes museum so he can throw a tantrum.

What writers would be on your dream author panel? Tell me in a comment or write your own post about it and share the link so I can check it out.

And if you you’re interested in hosting and organising your own panel, check out Eventbrite’s conference management page

3 thoughts on “My Dream Author Panel”

  1. You picked some good choices. I would probably have the Erin Hunter team, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Agatha Christie, and Kiera Cass. They’re all so different from one another, but I love them all.

    1. Oo some good choices! I would watch out for Tolkien, I heard that he could talk all day if you gave him the change. He might hog your panel haha

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