My Bout of Books 19 TBR!

I am taking part in Bout of Books next week and when I wrote my original sign up post I mentioned that I had no idea what books I wanted to read during it. If you don’t know what Bout of Books is, it is a regular reading challenge that simply requires you to read as much as possible. If you want to find out more and sign up you can find their website here.

I will try my best to keep you all up to date with my reading progress as the week goes on. I will be taking part in challenges throughout the week on Instagram(@Bell_and_books) as well as this blog.

After much thought, book buying and planning I have finally made up my mind. So here are the books I am planning on reading all of next week:

Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

Length: 300 pages

This book has been on my to-read pile for a long time. A friend recommended it to me a long time ago and I simply never got around to reading it. Bout of Books is a good excuse to finally get around to reading this.

The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum

Length:370 pages

I recently read and reviewed Red by Jack Ketchum so I have been wanting to take a look at more of his work. Girl Next Door is a novel that I keep hearing about so I will be listening to it on audiobook throughout the week.

The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan

Length: 430 pages

I dont own a copy of this book yet but hopefully I will be the end of today because I am going hunting for it. I don’t know what is going on here in Northern Ireland but I have searched 8 book shops in the last 2 days and I haven’t found a single copy of the new Rick Riordan book. Is anyone else having this problem?

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

Length: 386 pages

I picked up a copy of this book on offer the day it came out. I enjoyed Girl on the Train and I am in the mood for a good mystery. Hawkins’ books are usually simple and quick reads, perfect for a reading challenge.

Salems Lot by Stephen King

Length: 631 pages

I know I will not finish this book this week and it is in the bottom of my priory list, but I want to at least get it started. The book is pretty big so it will take me a while to get through it.

And if you are taking part in Bout of Books next week feel free to say hi and tell me what your reading goals are.

1 thought on “My Bout of Books 19 TBR!”

  1. Nice TBR! I’m intrigued by Into the Water … I didn’t love The Girl on the Train, but I did enjoy it. Interested to hear your thoughts!

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