Thoughts and Progress: Bout of Books Day 2

Is it just me or is Bout of Books flying in? Day 2 is over and sadly so is the sign up. If you didn’t get a chance to take part this time there will be another one in a few months.

Once again everyone wanted to socialise with me yesterday which stopped me reading after work hours, unless you count flicking through a few comics. I spent yesterday eating burritos and sitting in a nerd bar reading comics and playing boardgames with my boyfriend. I might not have read anything but at least I had a good time.

I have also decided to add a new book to my to read list for this challenge and that is Say Cheese and Die. It is another Goosebumps book and it is a short and sweet easy read. I thought it would give me something to read since I am slow reading Dark Prophecy.

So here is my progress for Tuesday the 9th of May

I managed to read 178 pages. That isn’t as good as yesterday but it still isn’t the worst number in the world and I finished a book.

I read the final 100 pages of Rosemary’s Baby. It was an awesome book and I highly reccomend it. I will talk about it more in my picks of the month.

I only read 26 pages of Dark Prophecy but that was due to slowing myself down intentionally. Like I mentioned in my previous update I read Rick Riordan books with my boyfriend which means I am slow getting through them.

I started The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum and I am currently 52 pages into it. It is ok so far, but his books tend to be slow burning.

Reading Plans for Today:

  • Get 75% through The Girl Next Door or at least 100 more pages of it read.
  • Read 50 pages of Dark Prophecy
  • Start Goosebumps Say Cheese and Die.

The Shelfie Challenge

Today’s challenge for Bout of Books is to post a shelfie. I have already done so at @belle_and_books on instagram but I am still going to share it here too. A shelfie challenge would normally be right up my street. I own a house with a personal library and love showing it off. …The problem is that it still isn’t unpacked so my library looks like this.

…Not exactly photogenic.

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