Thoughts and Progress: Bout of Books Day 6

This is a story all about how my reading got flipped-turned upside down…

What happened to my brilliant Bout of Books reading streak?!

Well, after my monster book hangover on Thursday I came into work on Friday all set for more reading. I had a new audiobook lined up and Trials of Apollo sitting on my desk ready for my lunch break and then at 9am an email rolled into my inbox. “Can we have a quick chat at 3 about your performance?” Now, I have mentioned before that I suffer from a curse when it comes to Bout of Books. I have lost three jobs during past challenges. Not because of the challenge, but always due to cut backs or contracts running out, it is just bad timing. I thought I was safe this time. I have a job I was head hunted for and I am a proper permanent member of staff, but still, when I got that email I thought of THE CURSE! …Well long story short, 3pm rolled around and it turned out to just been my annual review. I was perfectly fine, no mention of me reading at my desk, my odd work attire or my bouts of dancing around the building (which have probably been caught on security camera 100 times by now). I spent an entire work day worrying to the point of being unable to read for nothing.

So my progress for both Friday and Saturday is a big fat ZERO.

I usually find it difficult to read on Saturdays because it is the day of the week I dedicate to spending time with my partner. We are both workaholics so Saturdays are for getting pizza and doing things together. So I spent yesterday stuffing my face and watching Tokyo Ghoul rather than reading. I suck, but hopefully I will get some reading done today. Weekends are awful for reading.

So how is everyone else doing? Can you read a lot during the weekend? When is your best time to read?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts and Progress: Bout of Books Day 6”

    1. Me too!! Maybe it is finally broken. And thanks, I may have been sitting on that one for a while lol

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