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ReReading Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die!

“Greg thinks there is something wrong with the old camera he found. The photos keep turning out . . . different.

When Greg takes a picture of his father’s brand-new car, it’s wrecked in the photo. And then his dad crashes the car.

It’s like the camera can tell the future–or worse. Maybe it makes the future!”

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This is another Goosebumps book that I remember reading as a child. It didn’t come with the horror filled memories that Welcome to Dead House did, but I still remember enjoying it and having all of the merchandise with that camera, and its creepy photos, plastered all over it. I didn’t find it scary as a child and I certainly didn’t find it scary now. It was more of an interesting idea that morbid little me found fun.

That is what this book is, an interesting idea. Does the camera make the future happen or does it simply predict the future? That is brilliant because it makes the reader think, something that I like to see in children’s literature. It would have been easy to just make it a cursed camera without questioning anything about it but raising the question about what comes first, the camera or the future is very clever. Of course, true to Goosebumps fashion, it is just an evil camera.

The only real flaw I found in this enjoyable book is that it isn’t scary. No one dies because of the camera which makes the title a bit over dramatic. At the most it predicts a broken arm and someone disappearing, and of course they just pop back at the end. I understand that it is a children’s novel but Welcome to Dead House delivered more on the creepy and dangerous side of things. It had ghosts and characters in actual danger. This didn’t have that.

I think this book dates a little easier than other Goosebumps books due to the technology featured in it. Polaroid cameras are not as popular now so it might make some kids, who are used to our modern world of camera phones, a little confused. But then again, polaroids are still around due to hipsters and our current phase of 80s-90s nostalgia. So maybe it hasn’t dated too much. A child would still pick up a creepy looking camera and take photos with it.

This book would be suitable for any kid at the book’s reading level. It isn’t terrifying and only contains the minor threat. It could be a great book for the most cowardly child to dip their toes into the world of Goosebumps, or for an adult who wanted to relive their childhood if they remember loving this book.

Did you read the Goosebumps series when you were a child? Tell me about it. Which book gave you sleepless nights?

5 thoughts on “ReReading Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die!”

    1. I am having so much fun rereading this. I feel 9 years old again. Why not read them with your daughter? You mentioned her watching the film.

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