Hosting my Own Readathon?

This is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a while. …What if I created my own readathon?

I have been trying to come for an idea for something to do on this blog for Halloween. I know it is currently June, but I like to plan things in advance. It also gives me time to create graphics and come up with post ideas for it. This is a horror and generally dark themed book blog, should it not have something special for Halloween?

The main reason behind writing about the idea so far in advance is to ask a simple question:

Would you take part in a Halloween themed readathon in October?

The rules would be simple

  • It would last one week (Dates not yet decided but at some point in October)
  • Simply read as much as you can in a week.
  • You can read whatever you like but there has to be at least ONE Halloween appropriate book in your To Read Pile, whether it be a horror novel, dark thriller or simply has monsters in it. It has to be fitting for Halloween. The horror genre is shrinking in book shops due to lack of interest so why not show it some love in October.
  • There will be Halloween themed post ideas pitched throughout the week for bloggers.

The only issue I have with this readathon hosting idea is that my Octobers are so bloody busy. I generally live like it is Halloween every day all year round so you can imagine how busy my life gets when October shows up. I am basically the queen of Halloween Town every year. I could spare a week though, especially if I plan things out carefully in advance. It would be possible.

Watch this space for more updates. I will be designing graphics and setting up hashtags for the readathon closer to the event.

Don’t forget to answer my question: Would you take part?

6 thoughts on “Hosting my Own Readathon?”

  1. I would love to do a Halloween read-a-thon! I’ve been meaning to read more horror anyway and I love Halloween, so this would be perfect.

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