Dark Reads of the Month: June

Well, this month sucked for reading. It was too hot, I was so busy that finding time to shower was a treat and generally I wanted to do anything other than read. Generally not a good reading month. So much so that I went from being six books ahead in my yearly reading challenge to being 1 book behind schedule.

So, thanks to my laziness and disinterest in June this Dark Reads of the Month post will be one book short. Normally I pick out three books for these posts, but this time one of the books I read was an unrelated graphic novel (Marvel’s Civil War II if you are interested) and The Shining which I have written up already. Aw well, maybe I will read more in July and make it up to you.

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

Something you should know about me, I am slightly in love with Ray Bradbury. Him and HG Wells are my science fiction crushes. So when I discovered Bradbury wrote a book about my all time favourite holiday, Halloween, I just had to read it. Never mind waiting for October to crack open this book I had to read it now, and that is what I did.

The Halloween Tree is a short novel about a group of boys who explore a creepy house on Halloween night and befriend a dark entity that shows them the true meaning of Halloween. Not only is it a dark read that is full of the Halloween vibe, it is also interesting and educational. The boys are transported through time and around the world to witness Halloween throughout the centuries and its different meanings to different cultures. It isn’t too scary so this would be a great Halloween read for all ages.

Either pick it up in October when you are in the Halloween spirit or read it now to inject a bit of Autumn into your summer. Perfect Summerween reading.

The Fireman by Joe Hill

Joe Hill, the author of Horns and Heart Shaped Box, is back and this time he is trying his hand at dark dystopian fiction.

The Fireman is about a plague that causes people to spontaneously combust. It has infected most of the human population and the survivors spend their time trying to contain the disease by killing infected people. One day a pregnant nurse discovers that she has the illness and that sets her on a quest for survival. All she wants is to survive long enough to give birth. Can she do it? Or will she burst into flames first?

I loved this book. Normally I avoid novels of this genre but it was written by one of my favourite authors so I could hardly say no to reading it. I am glad that I gave it ago. It is listed as a horror dystopian and I can see why. It reads more like a zombie apocalypse novel at times than a science fiction dystopian. Unlike zombies the illness in this book is very beautiful. It is full of pretty descriptions of people burning to death. That sounds horrific and morbid but you can tell Hill had fun writing this one.

If you like long and dark dystopian novels you have to give this book a go.

So what was the best book you read this month? Leave me a suggestion I am always open.

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