Hosting my Own Readathon? (Update: Names and Dates)

It is a sunny day in July and what am I going to do? Announce the name and dates of my Halloween readathon.

Yes the readathon that I made a post about last month is actually happening. There was so much positive feedback about the idea that I decided to actually do it. I would have made this announcement sooner but I didn’t have a name for it until today. Naming a readathon is surprisingly difficult. I now I have several sheets of paper covered in scribbled out potential names.

So without further a do:

Welcome to Spook Stock 2017!

Dates: 23rd – 30th of October 2017

Feel free to use the tile I made during the readathon. I might make a banner or two. I havent decided yet.

The Rules are simple:

1. Just read as much as you can in a week.

2. You can read whatever you like but there has to be at least ONE Halloween appropriate book in your To Read Pile, whether it be a horror novel, dark thriller or simply has monsters in it. It has to be fitting for Halloween. The horror genre is shrinking in shops due to lack of interest so why not show it some love in October.

There will also be a new blog prompt every day of the week. You don’t have to take part in these but who doesn’t like the occasional meme or prompt for blog ideas. These prompts will be based on monsters and gothic literary figures.

I will be setting up a sign up page closer to the date so if you are interested keep an eye out for the registration opening announcement. It will be at the start of October.

This is my first time organising and hosting a readathon so feel free to tell me what you think. And most importantly, will you be taking part?

4 thoughts on “Hosting my Own Readathon? (Update: Names and Dates)”

    1. It would be brilliant if you could take part. I have always wanted a Halloween readathon so just thought I would plan my own instead of looking for one.

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