Thoughts & Progress: Bout of Books Day 1

We have survived the first day of Bout of Books! If you want to take part but haven’t signed up yet today is the last day to do so. Check out their website to join in.

So long story short, I suck.

I was off work yesterday and so I spent the first day of Bout of Books relaxing and watching stupid internet videos. I also read a book that wasnt on my TBR list for this readathon. Aw well, at least I read something. Better than nothing I suppose.

So here is my progress for Monday the 21st of August: 

I read 168 pages of Red Hood and the Outlaws volume 1 and finished it. This graphic novel wasn’t in my TBR list but after reading Death of the Family on Sunday I was still in the mood for more DC comics so I had to read another one that I have been meaning to get to in a while. Thank you for the recommendation J.W Martin at Storeys of Stories

21 pages of Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright. 

20 page of I am Behind you. I am enjoying this book but I keep getting distracted every time I try to read it.

Not the best start to a Bout of Books but I plan to make up for it today.

Reading Plans for Today:

  • Finish Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright. This book is illustrated so I should be able to get through it pretty easily.
  • Finish part one of I am Behind You at the least.

Now I am off to order myself some dinner and get reading.

Are you taking part in Bout of Books this month? If so share your progress with me and tell me what you are reading.

Also, what is your favourite take out food? Tell me.

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