Thoughts & Progress: Bout of Books Day 2

Continuing my trend of sucking at Bout of Books this August, I bring you the wrap up for Day 2.

I was off work again, and that means more distraction and wanting to do anything but read. My Tuesday was spent getting some retail therapy in and instagramming things. On the bright side though I bought some cool patches for my patch jacket. Also a small child followed me around a shop shouting “She’s a vampire!” and pointing at me, maybe that was my punishment for not reading enough. I’m not a vampire, just to clear that up.

My partner wasn’t home last night so most of my reading was done lounging on the sofa, listening to The Cure and enjoying the thunderstorm outside. Northern Ireland had a glorious storm last night. It made for perfect reading weather.

So here is my progress for Tuesday the 22nd of August:

I read 109 pages of Goth Girl and the Wuthuring Fright. That was it. At least I read something that was actually on my TBR list this time.

Reading Plans for the Day:

  • Finish Goth Girl. I know I said that yesterday but I am determined to do it today.
  • Get at least half way through Mist in the Mirror.
  • Read some of I am Behind You because my lack of progress in this book is just getting silly by this point.
  • Start Nightwing Vol 1.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts & Progress: Bout of Books Day 2”

  1. You actually had a kid point and say she’s a vampire?! 😱😬 wow! That’s awful. I hope the parents were mortified by the lack of verbal filter on their child 😂
    Me and read a thons don’t get along. I basically suck with sticking to anything I actually HAVE to do!

    1. Yep! I would like to say it is the first time that has happened but it isn’t ><
      I can be good at readathons if they go according to plan. I have a bad habit of plans getting ruined the moment a readathon starts.

      1. Oh I have been called that quite a few times by children. I have also been called a witch and one kid thought I was a Harry Potter style wizard. They also prone to generally following me around. It’s got to the point that I know when it is close to Halloween because I become a child magnet.

  2. Aaaah Ireland! One of the places I most want to visit in the whole world. Sounds to me like you aren’t sucking at the reading at all…over a 100 pages is good! Good luck with the rest of your reading!

    1. It seems that everyone wants to visit here. You should do it some time.

      And thank you. It sucks compared to my usual Bout of Books track record.

      Good luck with your reading too!

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