Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog

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I apologise in advance if I get a little ranty on this topic. I have a lot of feelings behind book blogging. I also apologise if I seem a little mean to the YA genre. I love it really. I just have a lot of feelings about blogging. It’s ok to like popular things, they are popular for a reason.

1.The Lack of Horror Book Blogs

Once upon a time I was a regular book blogger, some of you who have been following me for a while might remember that phase, I posted the same style of posts as everyone else, read the same cheesy YA as everyone else and even used selfies where I tried to look “normal”, but then I got bored.

I was in the mood to read something creepy and scary but no matter how many popular book blogs or booktube accounts I visited I just found the same books everywhere. Everyone read the same books and with the exception of a small handful I couldn’t find any horror novel recommendations. Sure, booktubers had some but they all read that exact same ones, probably ones they had been paid to flog to everyone in October. I was bothered, and the more I thought about it the more I realised that as a book blogger I was only reading what I was being told to read. I didn’t read any classics, except for a small handful, I didn’t know where to start when it came to finding a good horror book to satisfy my urges, but damn I knew the names of probably 100 chosen one, love triangle filled YA dystopian fantasies. Something had to change.

So…I changed my blog. I became a book blog for all things creepy, kooky and ever so ooky, and I haven’t looked back. I now blog to fill that gap that exists in the book blogging world.

Also it lets me be myself a little more. I am a generally creepy person who listens to 80s goth rock and wears black 90% of the time.

By the way, if you have been following me long enough to remember my “normal” phase let me know, you deserve a shout out for putting up with me for this long.

A long time ago this skull infested place was pastel!

2. To Rant

The main reason why I started book blogging in the first place was to rant about books I hate. I read a book that made me really mad, so much so that I built a blog just to complain about it. I am pretty sure that book was Divergent. I am not sorry. I love writing positive reviews but it is more fun to write reviews or posts dripping with sarcasm.

3. To Help Others

Like I said in my first point, my current blog was born out of a hunt for a decent horror novel to read so I want to save others the hassle and give them a blog full of dark and spooky recommendations. This is why I read and review Halloween and horror themed books for children. Everyone knows a child who loves vampires and witches, whether it be all year round or just on Halloween, so I want to help parents find perfect reading material for them.

This is also why I give warnings for every book I review. I know people don’t like reading about certain things so I like to give everyone a heads up if anything potentially upsetting is in a book.

4. To Support the Genre

When was the last time you noticed a horror section in a bookshop that was more than 1 bookcase and wasn’t half fantasy? Exactly.

This is another reason why I run a horror themed blog. The genre just isn’t popular any more. In fact the horror section in my local bookshop was taken away to be replaced by more YA shelves. That’s right, Poe, Bram Stoker, Shelley, they were all pushed aside for The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent.

Don’t get me wrong I love me some YA but back when I was considering the future of this blog I watched my favourite authors being removed and was told by a book shop employee that they just weren’t popular any more. My favourites were shoved in a forgotten bookcase in a far off corner in the shop that you have to go on a quest to find.

I want to shine a light on those forgotten books.

5. It is Fun

Book blogging is fun! The community is awesome, the tags are fun and you constantly have an excuse to buy more books. I might complain about it sometimes but I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love it.


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog”

  1. I love your reasons – and I just can’t imagine anything related to you being PASTEL! That’s just not right! LOL Like you said, the horror genre isn’t represented enough in the blogging world sometimes. I love all things dark, twisted, and awful so stumbling on your blog was like a dream come true! I’ve picked up quite a few books that you’ve recommended and I’ve loved them! There are a few more that are still on my wish list though.
    Thanks for sharing your reasons!

    1. I know right?! My poor bigger blogger mistake of thinking you have to be a sterotypical book blogger to be a book blogger lol

      And I am happy to hear you have picked up some of my recommendations. I noticed you reading IT and you survived! lol

  2. I’ve actually noticed that about the horror genre myself! When I was younger I read so many darker books, whereas now I just want the lighter fun reads (because my life is scary enough, haha). Still, I’ve noticed that a lot of the horror books have been split between Fantasy and Fiction in the bookstore. I’ve even tried finding John Saul, who was one of my favorite horror authors, and he’s not even IN bookstores anymore!

    1. My thoughts exactly. I can’t find most books I want in book shops so I usually have to spend ages hunting for them or go online and order them. It’s annoying.

  3. I found your blog in the link for this meme, and I’m officially going to follow you! I LOVE horror, and it saddens me that your bookstore has removed such amazing authors for other books just because of popularity. I get it; bookstores need to make money. It still makes me sad. Awesome list!

    1. Thank you, fellow horror lover. And it isnt just my bookstore, all of the shops where I live have either removed the section entirely, moved it to a forgotten part of the shop or blended it with fantasy. Bookshops need to make money but they just put Twilight on the shelves where Dracula was, which is a scary thought.

  4. I’m so not about horror books (too chicken as Shanah could tell you) but I so love that you want to support the genre! Blogging is indeed a way to support something you believe in. Make it more visible and maybe attract new readers to writers you love and feel are not known enough. And I love the “mood” of your blog with skulls etc 😉 Following now as even if I’m not into horror books I’m curious tor read what you find so fascinating about them. It’s good to broaden my horizon 😉

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