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The Alternative Girl Tag

Not book related but I saw this tag floating around Youtube and the blogging world and I thought it looked fun. I am not going to tag anyone in this so if anyone wants to give it a go feel free.

1. Describe your style

Trad goth with a hint of Victorian. 80% of my wardrobe is black and everything else is either deep red, purple or that one tweed coat I own. I wear a lot fishnet, band shirts, ripped jeans and long flowing skirts. I am also a big fan of layered jewellery.


2. How did you start wearing different clothes, hair, piercings, etc…

10-11. I started very young. I began wearing all black at the end of primary school and when I was given my first cd player around that time I also received a pile of The Cure cds. I was an odd kid. My hair has been dyed black since I was 11. And I used to do all of my clothes shopping in the Tammy Girl Halloween range.

Does anyone else remember Tammy Girl?

3. Do your parents accept your style

I have goth parents so they would be a bit hypocritical if they hated my style, wouldn’t they?

I did butt heads with my dad over clothes a bit when I was a teenager. It wasn’t because I was goth, it was because I was wearing hardly any clothes. Life tip: Dont buy clothes from sex shops when you are 16.

4. Have you ever suffered bullying for being different?

Nope! I was bullied for everything but that funnily enough. Mostly homophobic bullying.

5. What was the most outrageous look you’ve ever had?

My most outrageous look would probably be the one I currently wear to clubs. I go to a lot of goth, alternative and 80s nights so I dress for the occasion. Lots of backcombed hair, ripped clothes, eye makeup and my trusty patch jacket.

6. Do you have or had any tattoos or piercings?

I have 7 ear piercings and I am getting a tattoo sleeve done next year for my 30th birthday. I am also planning on getting a David Bowie tattoo on my chest before 2017 is over, so that will be very soon.

7. What would you say to people who are suffering or being judged for the way they look right now?

Alright, baby bats, sit down and I will give you a few pointers. These are things I have picked up from my 20 years on the scene:

1.Listen to your parents. It might suck and they can be dumb but listen to them. Talk to them to find out exactly what it is they don’t like. If they don’t like satanic symbols, don’t wear them. If they are worried about you falling into the wrong crowd, let them meet your friends and do well in school. Find out exactly what they have an issue with and work on it together.

2. School ends. You might get bullied now for being a bit odd but school will end. You will grow up and never see those people again. Just focus on being successful.

3. Sometimes life happens. It might seem cool to dress weird all the time but sometimes that just isn’t possible. You will have to tone down your look for work or job interviews but that doesn’t make you any less who you are. It just makes you a more wealthy version of you who can afford awesome clothes to wear on the weekends.

4. Have a sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously. If someone says you look like a vampire laugh because guess what, you are dressed like a vampire. Not call comments are mean. Make friends with people who are not alternative and learn to take a joke. I come from a family of alternative people and they still make jokes about how I look dead. Lighten up.


Do you like when I write about this stuff? I have been tempted to do the occasional post on music or fashion. If you have any questions or any requests please let me know.

Also I am still gathering questions for my 300 Follower Q&A

4 thoughts on “The Alternative Girl Tag”

  1. Awesome! I think Goth is a great look. My wife has a few tattoos and that has me over the moon, haha I can only imagine if she had some piercings.

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean. I get those sorts of jokes from my partner about he now has the hot goth girlfriend he always wanted when he was 16 haha

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