Discussion: Comic Book YA Novels

This is probably going to ruffle a LOT feathers but….Comic book YA novels WTF

I have noticed a new trend in bookshops and in the book world that really bothers me: Novels about comic book characters. Normally I would write these off as those crappy novel versions of recent films with horrific movie covers that generally no one reads but the newest trend sees big name YA writers cashing in on the recent comic book trend by writing their own horribly not canon, mindlessly sappy, out of character novels based on big name comic book characters. To name two:



Now if you have somehow been living in a bubble all of your life and only read this nonsense I am going to break something to you…these things already exist in book form.



I don’t mean to take a dump on some people’s fun. I get it. You want to read a sappy story about young Bruce Wayne but from what I have read about the summary of the Nightwalker novel it is not Bruce Wayne. You might as well go read Batman fan fiction, which is basically what these sorts of novels are.

I am also going to point out that these are a very obvious cash grab by these big YA writers. Lets make some money of girls getting into comics by writing mindless sap for them to drool over. I get that you probably love these writers but that is what these novels are, a cash grab.

This makes me sad because it is feeding a whole new audience nonsense wrapped up in a cheap paperback cover with a big name slapped on it instead of risking them going out and supporting female or diversely driven comic book series’. As a female comic book fan I want to see other girls discovering the world of comics. These books are leeches.

In my opinion if you love these characters you would go read the actual graphic novels and support the people who own the characters. I get that graphic novels can be hard to get into but when it comes to DC comics, who own Batman and Wonder Woman, they are much easier to get into than Marvel. In fact I wrote an entire post on how to read comics. 

I wont be touching this drivel but I will be reading the next Batman and Robin and Wonder Woman issues when they come out, because I actually love comic books.

What do you think? Will you be reading these? Are you fan? Who is your favourite comic book character? Lets discuss.

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