Thoughts & Progress: Bout of Books Day 1

cc4sulkSo, I have survived day 1 of Bout of Books! If you want to take part but haven’t signed up yet today is the last day to do so. Check out their website to join in.

My first day of Bout of Books didn’t go too badly. I felt rather accomplished because I set aside some planned reading time last night and it actually happened. I bought a PS4 last weekend so I now have Overwatch as a constant distraction but last night I only played for two hours and then spent the rest of the night reading before bed. I didn’t get to any of the books I planned to read for this readathon but I finished my current read. I thought it was best to get that out of the way.

Have a photo of my cat, Mort, keeping me company while I read.


So here is my progress for Monday the 8th of January:

  • I read 50 pages of A Treasury of Victorian Murder vol.1 and finished it. I really enjoyed this book and you can expect a review on this one shortly. This is a non fiction graphic novel about various 19th century murder cases. I loved it, and it was actually better than I thought it would be.

Reading Plans for Today:

  • Read 50 pages of The Historian, or at least get it properly started. This is a very long book so I will be picking at it throughout the week.
  • I might pick out an audiobook to listen to while at work today.


Are you taking part in Bout of Books this month? If so share your progress with me and tell me what you are reading.

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