My Favourite Vloggers

The challenge for Day 4 of Bout of Books this week is simply to write about some favourites, whether it be authors, a book series, bloggers or anything else book related. I have been planning for a long time to write a post about my favourite vloggers so this seemed like the perfect excuse to finally do it.

I am going to go a little off script with this post. These are not booktubers. I don’t watch a lot of Booktube because after watching several videos in a row you realize many blog about the exact same books. You can spot the book they have all been sent because they all magically seem to have it. I don’t mind them accepting things like that but content wise it makes them very same-y. So anyway, the bloggers I have chosen today make content based around topics of interest that my regular blog readers might find fun.

If you like this blog and my taste in books you will probably like some of these Youtube channels.

1. Ask a Mortician

Caitlyn is a professional mortician and author who runs a Youtube channel about all things death related. She vlogs about her experience as a mortician and about various famous historic corpses, because yes, there are famous dead bodies.

Her channel makes for hours of interesting and educational watching so definettly check her out. Also she is pretty damn funny.

Click here to check out her channel

2. Under the Knife

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris combines dark humor and a storytelling narrative to give us her web series, Under the Knife. It looks into medical history and all of its fun and gory details. She is a brilliant narrator and you can easily spend a day marathoning her educational videos.

Also she has Sesame Street style puppet. How could you not love that?

Click here to check out her channel

3. Top5s

Top5s is a youtube list channel but it mostly covers mysteries, history, the paranormal and all things creepy. In October he also goes all out and saves his best content for that month.

This is definitely one of my favourite youtube channels because it is one of the few that actually creeps me out sometimes. I have made the mistake of watching some of his videos while home alone and made myself a little unnerved. If you want a good scare, go give him a watch.

Click here to check out his channel

4. Corpse Husband

Want to be scared? Well, Corpse Husband has you covered.

This youtube channel is dedicated to reading collections of true scary encounters, whether it be with kidnappers, murderers, the deep web or the paranormal. Personally I find his videos scarier than the usual paranormal youtube channel because a lot of his stories are about things that could and have actually happened. Things like stalkers, kidnappers and general scary people bother me more than ghosts etc. Corpse Husband’s videos are usually pretty long, some being around two hours, but he makes for some great creepy background noise if you want something to listen to while you are cleaning.

No lie, this channel gave me nightmares one time, and we all know how hard I am to scare. It’s kinda my thing.

Click here to check out his channel

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