Book Review

ReReading Goosebumps: Scarecrow Walks at Midnight



“Jodie usually loves to spend time at her grandparents’ farm. But this summer things seem all wrong. Her grandparents look worn out. The crops are doing badly. And worst of all, she’s sharing the fields with twelve evil-looking scarecrows. Scarecrows that seem to be coming alive…”

This is one of the Goosebumps stories that I had very vauge memories of. I didn’t remember anything about the plot but I always remembered the visuals from the television shows. Mostly creepy corn fields at night with threatening scarecrows standing over them. It made a scary and memorable image to 8 year old me. So much so that this story popped in my head every time I saw a scarecrow, but I still never remembered the plot. I am glad I gave this one a reread, because the plot is fantastic.

This is probably one of the better Goosebumps books I have read during this reread. This and Welcome to Dead House are definite favourites so far. It was so threatening. There isn’t a lot from the actual scarecrows in the story, they are just daunting background props that linger in the background at all times, but the rest of the story is very psychological. You know something is wrong and isn’t right. There is more of a human element to it rather than the usual Goosebumps monster plot. I loved it. It had the storytelling of an adult novel. I felt sorry for so many characters. The kids, the grandparents, and hell, even the villain at times.

Saying all that though, this is still very much a Goosebumps book. It is aimed at children and I am sure that many could read it without being too scared. It is just creepy. I think it over does it with the attempted jump scares though. Goosebumps does that a lot. Its chapters usually end with an attempted cliff hanger or jump scare to keep you reading, but in this book it happens too often. It gets a bit annoying, but it is probably doing that because there isn’t a lot of the actual “monster” in this story. It is written to just be creepy and let your mind fill in the blanks. It is suitable for most children, but kids who like monsters might find this one a little boring.


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