Why Summer Reading Sucks

I am just going to say it:

Summer is the worst time for reading.

Now this might surprise some people, but generally, I love Summer the season. I know I look like a pale corpse who thinks it is Halloween all year round, but I love Summer. The weather is great, there is less traffic to get to work in the morning because all of the kids are off school and everyone is up for a road trip or two. Summer is great but it is also the WORST season for reading. This boils down to two reasons:

1.Everyone Wants to Socialise

Due to the good weather people usually want you to hang out during the summer months. Even if you are an adult who doesn’t go to school you will still be pestered on weekends for road trips, holidays and various other social activities that make finding time to read a little difficult.

Also I pity the readers who have kids who are now home 24/7. Good luck reading during that.

2.Summer Book Releases Suck

There I said it. Summer book releases are usually terrible. There might be one or two books that come out that are good but the rest are just a disaster. If you don’t like contemporary, romance or a fantasy that is saturated in romance good luck finding a decent new book release to read.

I get why some people would want to read those sorts of books during summer, but not everyone is day dreaming about a sappy summer romance or trying to “find themselves” over the summer break. Some of us like a bit more escapism, not escapism in the form of a handsome boy or manic pixie dream girl we met on a summer holiday.

Also lets face it, they release the same books every summer with the names changed and a new cover slapped on. There is only so much romance you can read before it gets a bit old and sad.

A YA Contemporary Romance Coming of Age Story for Summer



I just had to get those thoughts off my chest, but what do you think? Have you noticed this trend? What genre do you prefer to read during summer?

4 thoughts on “Why Summer Reading Sucks”

  1. I’m actually thankful for a time of year when there aren’t a ton a great releases. Gives a slow reader like me the chance to catch up… on January books… from 5 years ago… Did I mention I was a slow reader?

  2. I don’t have problems with number 1 and I don’t really have a lack of books on my TBR pile either, it’s maybe a good time to catch up. I read my usual thrillers during summer but also include some lighter reads that I kept especially for sunny days 🙂

  3. Never really thought about this! I don’t read much during the summer, since it’s usually the time I travel, so books can wait! I have managed to read a little lately, but I’m reading books that came out last fall (which I consider pretty new). Usually I read pretty old books, haha.

  4. I agree with most of this, except that I do like a good romance in my books and that my depression is lowest in summer, making it easier to read. But you are very right about people wanting to socialize and taking up too much time, and I don’t usually get excited about many summer reads.

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