Waiting for Wednesday: We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix




In the 1990s, heavy metal band Dürt Würk was poised for breakout success — but then lead singer Terry Hunt embarked on a solo career and rocketed to stardom as Koffin, leaving his fellow bandmates to rot in rural Pennsylvania.

Two decades later, former guitarist Kris Pulaski works as the night manager of a Best Western – she’s tired, broke, and unhappy. Everything changes when she discovers a shocking secret from her heavy metal past: Turns out that Terry’s meteoric rise to success may have come at the price of Kris’s very soul.

This revelation prompts Kris to hit the road, reunite with the rest of her bandmates, and confront the man who ruined her life. It’s a journey that will take her from the Pennsylvania rust belt to a Satanic rehab center and finally to a Las Vegas music festival that’s darker than any Mordor Tolkien could imagine. A furious power ballad about never giving up, even in the face of overwhelming odds, We Sold Our Souls is an epic journey into the heart of a conspiracy-crazed, paranoid country that seems to have lost its very soul…where only a girl with a guitar can save us all.”

Why I need it:

Another book from the mind that brought us Horrorstor and My Best Friend’s Exorcism. Both books I have loved and reviewed on here before. You can find those reviews here and here.

I am a HUGE fan of Grady Hendrix and his quirky style of horror. His books are always so much fun to read and gorgeously designed. (I am a digital designer professionally so well designed books make me happy)

I just hope that this book lives up to his other two books, but going by the odd premise of this novel it could be just as quirky and odd as the others. I just love how he takes out there ideas and makes them into such fun horror reads.

I think if you haven’t got around to picking up any of Hendrix’s books yet I think this new book coming out in September is the perfect excuse for a binge reading session. Even if you are not normally a big fan of horror, his work is never super scary and always have that sort of lighthearted YA-ish vibe to them. Perfect first time horror reads.

We Soul Our Souls is scheduled for release on September 18th 2018 


Waiting for Wednesday is a weekly meme started by Break the Spine to spotlight upcoming releases, and continued by Wishful Endings

3 thoughts on “Waiting for Wednesday: We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix”

    1. The dog part was horrific 😢😢 I love his writing but the poor dog didn’t deserve that.

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