Book Blogger Social Media: Where to find Me

The internet is a strange place. When I started blogging I just thought my blog would be on my blog and that was it. I didn’t plan for it to go everywhere online, but as this blog and other social medias have grown I have found more people asking for my Facebook, my Twitter, Tumblr, GoodReads etc etc.

It honestly didn’t even occur to me to create a Facebook page for my blog until someone asked me for it and pointed out they don’t have WordPress but would like to keep up to date with my posts. And when it comes to Instagram I tried to make a bookstagram account but it really isn’t my thing. I like showcasing my other interests on instagram, like fashion, nerdy interests and alternative lifestyle. I post photos of books quite a lot but I am more than books, so I got rid of the poor attempt at a bookstagram and swapped the username of my personal account to one matching my blog handle more.

So, after weeks of account sorting to bring everything under the one name here is the list of social media where you can find me and keep up to date with my latest posts. I am always looking for more book bloggers to follow so I will of course check your account out right back.

Twitter: @CrackUrSpines

Be warned: I like a good twitter rant. Usually when books make me really mad.

Facebook: Spine Cracker

Instagram: @Crack_Spines

GoodReads: Bernadette Donnelly

Tumblr: Spine Cracker

Books Amino: Spine_Cracker


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