DISCUSSION: Book Blogging, Horror & Gender

This post is probably a bit of a discussion post. I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on it, blogger or not.

So I research ideas for blog posts. I think all bloggers do it. They have a little browse of the net, read other blogs and see if they can find a little spark of inspiration somewhere. It was during that research I noticed something…Where are all the girl horror book bloggers?

There are plenty of female book bloggers. They are everywhere. Youtube, blogs, Twitter, Booklr, Bookstagram. So many girls! It is kinda awesome. But…Why do they all seem to stick to the same genres?

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of bloggers who read a bit of everything, and women who love some creepiness and read a lot of crime thrillers. And I have touched on my views before about how all book bloggers read the same bloody books because those books are #popular right now. This post isn’t about that.

This is asking a question, where are all the female spooky book bloggers?

When I researched ideas for blogs I noticed the world of horror blogging falls into two categories:

  • Over the top horror blogs that were written by an edgy 15 year old (sometimes left inactive once the writer grew out of his emo phase)
  • Middle aged men who want to marry Stephen King.

So, I guess the whole point of this short blog is to have a discussion on a few points.

1. Does mainstream book blogging only work for specific genres? e.g YA or contemporary.

2. Is blogging about books gendered? I would love to hear from some male book bloggers on this one.

3. Where are all my lady spooky bloggers? Why do you think there are none? I find it odd because I know so many women in real life who are horror fans.

Oh and if you are a woman who runs a spooky blog (books or not) get in touch! We can be blogging pals and work together. I’m always up for blog tours, tags or whatever. Lets make this thing bigger.

Actually if you are a horror blogger of any gender let me know. There isn’t enough of us out there.


6 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: Book Blogging, Horror & Gender”

  1. Hahah, I’ve never thought of that before, but it seems to be true! That’s really weird. I’m definitely not into the popular books. We need more book bloggers out of the norm, so we don’t see talk about the same books all the time. I don’t see why it should be gendered at all. Everyone reads! And women don’t just read romance, men don’t just read mystery. But I wonder if maybe blogging isn’t as popular as it used to be?

    1. We really need more outside mainstream bloggers. I don’t just mean blogging for this but all book YouTube, Twitter and Instagram is all the exact same. No horror. All YA or popular stuff. It isn’t blogging not being popular because it is a thing across all platforms.

  2. You need to go immediately to Instagram and search the #LadiesofHorrorFiction hashtag, and you will discover oodles of female horror bloggers. I’m not strictly horror myself, but there are a bunch of us participating in the #LadiesofHorrorFiction Instagram challenge this month. Have fun😁

  3. For some reason that animated gif cracks me up. I’m not sure why. I’d join that parade.

    I’m a female horror author and blogger. We exist. Just in the shadows…lol. (That’s not said with a straight face at all.) I also just published my first book (Memory Bound) if you don’t mind me mentioning that here. Cheers!

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