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Mini Manga Review: The Human Chair by Edogawa Ranpo

Can you really trust the chair you are sitting in? 

The Human Chair is a short story written by Edogawa Ranpo. It tells the story of a young woman who goes shopping for a chair and after wandering into an antique shop, is told the creepy story of The Human Chair. The tale of a writer who is convinced someone is living in her favourite chair.


This story is a special kind of weird. So much so that I have issues trying to explain the plot to people. I loved it though. It is brilliantly creepy and creative. It is a stalking story told in a way that is so insane that you could possibly believe it. It reads like a click bait news article. “Local Writer Finds Fan Living in her Chair!”


I don’t give spoilers in my reviews but the image at the end of the manga will always stick with me. It was an unexpected twist.

If you want a quick creepy read this Halloween season you should check this short manga out. You could easily read it in less than an hour and it is definitely worth it.

1 thought on “Mini Manga Review: The Human Chair by Edogawa Ranpo”

  1. Edogawa Ranpo is on my TBR, this looks like a good one to start with.
    There’s an anime of some of his work – Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace. Also his namesake appears in Bungo Stray Dogs.

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