Literary Book Gifts *Discount Code*

Do you need some bookish merch to wear this Autumn? How about some tote bags for hauling all of your books around?

I have a Halloween gift for you. Literary Book Gifts have given me a discount code to share with my readers, so you can get 20% off every order. The best part is: It never expires.

Discount Code: SpineCracker20

I have not been paid in any way for this.

My favourites:

1.            Dracula T-shirt


Most of my wardrobe is black so this fleck of red would look great thrown in there.

2.            Frankenstein Tote Bag


This would be a gorgeous addition to my wardrobe. It has lovely muted colours and you can’t beat a well-drawn graveyard.

3.  Hound of the Baskervilles & Dante Tote Bags




I love both these bags for the same reasons. Their eye catching red and gold colour schemes and the vintage looking patterns on them.

4.            Poe Tote


I could easily see myself carrying this tote bag all the time. It is a brilliant shade of red, a simple design and we all know I love both Poe and skulls.

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