Why horror novels are not scary: A Discussion

“This sounds great, but I am too chicken to read it” “I get scared of horror films, so I am not going to read a horror novel” Does this sound familiar? Is this you? When I restarted this blog last year I wanted to bring attention to one of my favourite dying genres: horror. It… Continue reading Why horror novels are not scary: A Discussion

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The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury (Review)

Summary: "Adventure, mystery and history are all wrapped into this eerie Halloween story about eight costumed boys who are whisked away on a kite through time and space to search for the meaning of Halloween." Review: Something you should know about me, I am slightly in love with Ray Bradbury. Him and HG Wells are… Continue reading The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury (Review)


Why Summer Reading Sucks

I am just going to say it: Summer is the worst time for reading. Now this might surprise some people, but generally, I love Summer the season. I know I look like a pale corpse who thinks it is Halloween all year round, but I love Summer. The weather is great, there is less traffic… Continue reading Why Summer Reading Sucks


History of Gothic Literature: 18th Century

I have been sitting on this series for a while: The History of Gothic Literature. For the definition of gothic literature and its tropes check out this post first In the 18th century novels were either boring or silly. You had two choices, medieval romances or “modern novels” which were very strict to reality and… Continue reading History of Gothic Literature: 18th Century


What is Gothic Literature?

I originally wrote this post for Goth Amino. I am planning a series of blogs based around Gothic literature so I thought it would be fun to share them on here too. Also there are not enough book blogs out there actually sharing factual stuff about books. Why is this not a bigger blog topic… Continue reading What is Gothic Literature?

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Why I Read Ghost Stories At Christmas

Now it is no secret that I read scary things all year around but when it comes to Christmas I just want one thing: ghost stories. Now I know it is a bit odd, images of ghosts really don't mesh with jolly old Saint Nick and Christmas trees, but is it really that strange? .....Historically… Continue reading Why I Read Ghost Stories At Christmas