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Top 5 Halloween Reads

It has been YEARS since I last wrote a “Halloween Reads” blog post, and since my last one I have read hundreds of books (literally) and I discovered a whole pile of new reads that are now Halloween favourites of mine. The majority of this list is suitable for all readers but 2 of them… Continue reading Top 5 Halloween Reads


My 5 Favourite Urban Legends

I am really enjoying these spooky Halloween themed posts. I am trying to do one a week, at least, throughout October. Let me know what you think of them so far. So here are my favourite urban legends from around the world in no particular order: 1. Kuchisake Onna, aka The Slit Mouthed Woman According… Continue reading My 5 Favourite Urban Legends


4 Horror Novels for Cowards

Do you want to read a horror novel this October? Are you a coward? Do need to sleep with the light on because Pennywise is going to eat you? Well, I have you covered. Here is a list of my favourite non-scary horror novels. 1.Carrie by Stephen King Summary: "Carrie knew she should not use… Continue reading 4 Horror Novels for Cowards

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Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy by RL Stine

Slappy the Dummy, probably one of the most famous characters to ever come out of the Goosebumps series. If you were a Goosebumps fan in the 90s you probably owned something with his face on it, and since then he has spawned several sequel books to Night of the Living Dummy. I decided to take… Continue reading Goosebumps: Night of the Living Dummy by RL Stine


5 Haunted Libraries

It's October!!!!  And, true to form, I have lined up plenty of Halloween themed posts for you. This time we are starting off with some "true horror" in the form of ghost stories and local legends. ** Please Note: This is just for fun. If you don't believe in ghosts etc, just enjoy yourself. They… Continue reading 5 Haunted Libraries

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The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury (Review)

Summary: "Adventure, mystery and history are all wrapped into this eerie Halloween story about eight costumed boys who are whisked away on a kite through time and space to search for the meaning of Halloween." Review: Something you should know about me, I am slightly in love with Ray Bradbury. Him and HG Wells are… Continue reading The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury (Review)


My Favourite Pieces of Spirit Photography: Frightful Friday

Spirit photography: A type of photography whose primary attempt is to capture images of ghosts and other spiritual entities. Ghosts caught on camera is something you see regularly in horror novels, films and tv shows. It is creepy and can even create a pretty decent jump scare when done right. So this Frightful Friday we… Continue reading My Favourite Pieces of Spirit Photography: Frightful Friday


Halloween Reading Recommendations: Short Story Collections

Me getting ready to recommend some books during my favourite time of year: Since this is a book blog for all things creepy, kooky, mysterious and ooky all year around it is safe to say that I have quite a few Halloween reading suggestions. So I have decided to break them up into different posts.… Continue reading Halloween Reading Recommendations: Short Story Collections


Frightful Fridays: The Shining

Well it is coming up to Halloween so I thought I would finally brush the dust of an old series idea of mine called Frightful Fridays where I look at the real life horror stories behind our favourite horror novels. The whole world is on a Stephen King kick right now so we are going… Continue reading Frightful Fridays: The Shining


Recipe: How to Make Realistic Blood Cocktails

I love the idea of blood cocktails, the more realistic the better, especially when it is coming into the Halloween season. So I did some research and a few experiments with my shiny new blender and I think I have created the most realistic blood cocktail possible, both in texture and in colour. You might… Continue reading Recipe: How to Make Realistic Blood Cocktails