300 Followers Q&A: Body Parts, Favourites & Horror

We have finally hit 300 followers! You are all brilliant and thank you so much for putting up with me. So, because I hit 300, I am going to let you interrogate the crap out of me and answer all of the questions you sent me. I will give the people who asked questions a… Continue reading 300 Followers Q&A: Body Parts, Favourites & Horror


Halloween Reading Recommendations: Short Story Collections

Me getting ready to recommend some books during my favourite time of year: Since this is a book blog for all things creepy, kooky, mysterious and ooky all year around it is safe to say that I have quite a few Halloween reading suggestions. So I have decided to break them up into different posts.… Continue reading Halloween Reading Recommendations: Short Story Collections


Dark Reads of the Month: June

Well, this month sucked for reading. It was too hot, I was so busy that finding time to shower was a treat and generally I wanted to do anything other than read. Generally not a good reading month. So much so that I went from being six books ahead in my yearly reading challenge to… Continue reading Dark Reads of the Month: June


Book Haul

I haven't treated myself to books in months so I thought my new pile of books deserved a post to celebrate. Some of these books you will already know about because I have reviewed one or two of them and I have mentioned a few others in other posts. I never buy books at their full… Continue reading Book Haul


My Dream Author Panel

Imagine if you could put together your own dream author panel, a crack team of writers who you could ask anything you wanted about books and writing, well Eventbrite has a brilliant project that inspires book bloggers to write about just that. Author panels normally have a theme and it took a bit of thinking for… Continue reading My Dream Author Panel


My Dark Reads of the Month: April

I have always said that this is a wrap up free blog and it still is. I have been running this series on Goth Amino since January so I decided to finally bring it to my main blog. I will pick out three of the best dark reads I have read during the month and… Continue reading My Dark Reads of the Month: April


Top 3 Holiday Reads 2016

It is the holiday season and that means it is time to get in the mood for some winter-y and Christmas themed books. I know this blog now focuses on horror and darkly themed novels but those things can still be Christmas-y. In fact, the Victorians had a tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas… Continue reading Top 3 Holiday Reads 2016


Spooky Reads for Halloween

October is here! If you are anything like me you are super excited for Halloween being just around the corner and you want plenty of creepy and spooky things to read throughout October. So here is a list of some of the creepier books I have read this year so satisfy all of your spooky… Continue reading Spooky Reads for Halloween

Book Review, Horror

REVIEW: Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Summary: Aging rock star Judas Coyne loves to collect all things dark and strange, so when he sees a ghost for sale online he cant help but buy it for himself. Little does he know that the ghost is the spirit of a father of a groupie of Coyne's who committed suicide and he blames… Continue reading REVIEW: Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill


Reading Goals for Bout of Books January 2015

  This is a a follow-up post to the one I made an hour ago talking about my last minute entry to Bout of Books January 2015. If you want to go read that and learn about the challenge you can click here to go check that out. I have spent the last hour or so… Continue reading Reading Goals for Bout of Books January 2015