Book Review, Horror

REVIEW: Dark Water by Koji Suzuki

Summary: Synopsis from   "A haunting collection of short stories from Koji Suzuki, author of the smash thriller, Ring, which spawned the hit film and sequels. The first story in this collection has been adapted to film (Dark Water, Walter Salles), and another, "Adrift" is currently in production with Dimension Films." Review: There will… Continue reading REVIEW: Dark Water by Koji Suzuki

Book Review, Horror

REVIEW: Ring by Koji Suzuki

Summary: After the mysterious death of his niece, a hard working journalist, Asakawa, sets out to investigate. He discovers a video tape that kills its viewers exactly one week after they watched it. Can Asakawa uncover the mystery of the tape in time to save himself and his family? Review: If you have seen the American film version of… Continue reading REVIEW: Ring by Koji Suzuki


Top Books for Halloween 2014

I was feeling the Halloween spirit so I decided to write about the books I am planning on reading this Halloween season. Horns By Joe Hill Ignatius Perrish's girlfriend has been murdered and he is the only suspect. On the first anniversary of her death, Ig spends the night drunk and doing horrible things. When he… Continue reading Top Books for Halloween 2014