What is Gothic Literature?

I originally wrote this post for Goth Amino. I am planning a series of blogs based around Gothic literature so I thought it would be fun to share them on here too. Also there are not enough book blogs out there actually sharing factual stuff about books. Why is this not a bigger blog topic… Continue reading What is Gothic Literature?


My Favourite Vloggers

The challenge for Day 4 of Bout of Books this week is simply to write about some favourites, whether it be authors, a book series, bloggers or anything else book related. I have been planning for a long time to write a post about my favourite vloggers so this seemed like the perfect excuse to… Continue reading My Favourite Vloggers


5 Reasons Why I Love Horror Novels

This post was inspired by a comment from Beware of the Reader¬†¬† on my 5 Reasons Why I Blog post last week. She isn't a fan of horror but was interested in why I found it, not only enjoyable, but enjoyable enough to spend my time reading and reviewing horror novels. Yes, I also review… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Love Horror Novels


5 Spooky Facts About Famous Horror Writers

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Some of these horror writers had lives straight out of a Gothic novel. 1. Mary Shelly Lost her Virginity on a Grave When she was a teenager Mary fell for the older and very married Percy Shelley. To hide their relationship the two would meet at her mother's grave.… Continue reading 5 Spooky Facts About Famous Horror Writers


My Top 5 Gothic Novels

I wrote my last "Top Classic Novels" post 2 years ago so I thought I was due to write a new one. I have read a grand total of 32 classic novels since the beginning of last year so I am going to separate my favourites by genre so this will probably end up being… Continue reading My Top 5 Gothic Novels


5 Reasons Why I Avoid Certain Books

We all have things that will automatically put us off a book. Here are a few of the things that will put me off a novel. 1. Romance Hate is a strong word, but I have a strong dislike for the romance genre. It is boring, the characters are usually the same character tropes just… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Avoid Certain Books


The 5 People You Meet in a Secondhand Bookshop

Hello~ I used to work in a secondhand bookshop and after a while I noticed that there were certain types of customers that you would see over and over again. Some where strange, some where pretty cool, and others were just plain disturbing, so I thought I would share them with you. 1. The Students… Continue reading The 5 People You Meet in a Secondhand Bookshop